Lucid | Marketing


We see our marketing work as assisting the vital process by which our clients find customers, understand their needs, promote their products or services and meet those needs better than their competitors.

Of course, they need to make a profit in the process or, in the case of public or ‘third sector’ organisations, show sustainability and value for money.

Like other communications work, this demands a range of cost-effective skills and disciplines including research, branding and promotion, and essential product development.

At Lucid we have the expertise and experience to help do that effectively, from development of strategy to implementation using the most appropriate means, from ‘outbound’ literature or advertising to ‘inbound’ techniques using digital media such as social networks,
viral marketing and inter-active websites.

The zebra? Most companies want to stand out,
not merge in with the rest. With a little Lucid
help, they can!